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ESB Compliance Partners is focused on providing expertise in TraceGains management, as well as offering advisory services in food safety, quality, and regulatory compliance.

TraceGains Certified Partner
TraceGains Certified Partner

Expedited Speed of Implementation

The ESB team has completed full implementation of the Supplier Management system in TraceGains for approximately 500 raw materials in just 6 weeks. This setup included supplier location and item connections, staff training, and creating SOPs for employees.

Successful Compliance Rates

The typical TraceGains customers using Supplier Management tend to achieve a 50% compliance rate for document uploads from their suppliers. However, ESB's clients show significantly better performance, with a document upload compliance rate surpassing 90%. Additionally, ESB's clients have achieved a successful linkage of over 85% of their supplier locations and items within the Supplier Management system. This rate is twice as high as the average connection rate for TraceGains users who do not have ESB support.

100% Outsourced TraceGains Implementation

We provide a fully outsourced implementation, allowing customers to concentrate on their daily operations without disruption. Our services are particularly advantageous for those short on staff.


By acting as a temporary yet efficient solution, we ensure that the system is up and running swiftly, enabling customers to utilize the system they are investing in rather than enduring lengthy implementation periods that can span months or even years.

Should complete outsourcing not be required, ESB is poised to serve as a project leader alongside your existing staff.

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More than TraceGains Management

At ESB, our combined expertise spanning more than 45 years across various sectors including food and beverage, packaging, nutraceuticals, and supplements extends beyond TraceGains. We provide extensive advisory services in food safety, quality assurance, and regulatory compliance. Our primary emphasis lies in regulatory and quality compliance, offering support to fulfill your customer documentation requirements and streamlined management of all paperwork needs through GFSI document control, ensuring digital efficiency.

"ESB Compliance Partners LLC has been instrumental in helping Quality Roasting pass multiple food safety audits and in organizing our customer and supplier documentation. Sue created a documentation system that works within our operations, significantly enhancing our efficiency and setting us up for ongoing success." 

Quality Roasting Inc.

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